Gun control.. arguing with idiots!

I’ve been called many names since I publicly stated I was against any type of gun control.    I’ve been impressed by the originality of such comments and by the lack of knowledge of many individuals.
Has anyone heard of common sense?


According to Wikipedia, here is the definition:


Common sense is defined by Merriam-Webster as, “sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts.”[1] Thus, “common sense” (in this view) equates to the knowledge and experience which most people already have, or which the person using the term believes that they do or should have. The Cambridge Dictionary defines it as, “the basic level of practical knowledge and judgment that we all need to help us live in a reasonable and safe way”.[2]



Well, I’m telling you, common sense is not common anymore.  Common sense is too basic to be adequately applied in people’s life.  However, this “childish” thinking always saved my life…every time.


Let’s talk about guns.  Boohoo!!  GUNS!   The word we shouldn’t speak about.


Misconception number 1:  GUNS KILL PEOPLE


This isn’t true.  People kill people. Or if you wish to go deeper, animals kill people, Mother Nature kills people…  guns are a tool used to kill ( really, do I truly need to write that?), but even more often to protect.


A word on the school shooting in Connecticut:  As a mother of three, I can somehow understand the feeling of those families.  Losing a child would be the end of my world.  We are sending our children to school every day thinking they are safe.  We have the same trust toward a doctor, a babysitter and our own relatives.  I don’t want to debate about the importance of this tragic event.  However, I do not feel this is fair to the other families who have lost a child.  The death of a child is always a tragedy no matter how it happens.  Look at the FBI stats, your child is more at risk to be killed by the babysitter than by a random shooter.


We do need to protect our children.  If gun control was the solution, I would be the first one signing on that.. but it’s not the case and we need to find the root of the problem while in the mid-time, we stay tooled to fight back.



Misconception number 2: LESS GUNS LESS GUN SHOTS…


Hmmm could be true.  However, in US, most gun shots have been used to commit suicide.  This is the choice number 1 to put an end to life.  Correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t think guns are an incentive to commit suicide.  I don’t believe someone would get the idea of shooting himself by looking at a gun. So basically, this is the choice number one because it’s widely available.  In Canada, for instance, suicides rate is higher but Canadians use other ways to face death.


If you look at the US guns stats, most homicides are related to gangland killings, juvenile gang killings, drugs and robberies.  We would have to agree with this: Illegals and robbers don’t get permits, drug addicts or sellers do not follow laws.  Enough said!



Misconception number 3: WHO NEEDS AN ASSAULT GUN?


I would answer this: How easy is to convert a semi-automatic gun into an automatic gun?


Anyone who would need an automatic gun would be able to get one very easily… A law to prohibit the selling of these weapons would be stupid and costly.





This is my favorite 🙂


It’s not a Government’s job to sort people by judgment.  Government is not birthing us; we birth the government… the other way around.


Not to mention that bad guys are not using judgment…  They don’t even know what it’s all about.  Speaking about that, what is judgment anyway?


“The faculty of being able to make critical distinctions and achieve a balanced viewpoint; discernment”



Well, So why are we being trusted to use judgment to accomplish this?



– Keeping a baby safe

– Administrating medication to a child or elderly

– Using cooking devices

– Saving a person doing CPR


Can you kill a baby if you let him alone:   YES

Can you kill a child if you give a high dosage of medication: YES

Can you kill a person with a sharp kitchen knife: YES

Can you hurt or even kill a person while trying to save his/her life doing CPR?  YES




Actually there are more deaths related to these situations than related to guns…


Let’s think for an instant that starting today, we are not allowed to perform CPR. Only professionals can save lives.  You have to call 911 if you see a person not breathing or having a heart attack.


YOU: “It doesn’t make any sense.  Paramedics are not everywhere, someone has do to something right away”

GOVERNMENT: “We heard of very unfortunate events.  Some individuals died because they have received CPR while their heart was still beating.  We even had a case where the person performing CPR died from an infection following the act (this is true by the way).  We decided to allow only trained professionals ( paramedics, nurses and doctors) to conduct such actions.



Would you feel safe in a world where only professionals can save your life?  Would you feel safe knowing that you would not even being allowed to save your own child’s life?  Would you do it anyway?  I would…





Bad and good guys don’t care about the rules in a survival mode.  THIS IS A FACT!





In 2000, a study has been published about the symbolic of guns; GUN CULTURE AND SYMBOLISM AMONG U.K. AND US WOMEN.


“There were significant differences in beliefs concerning the right to own a gun and the protective effect of guns but not in the perceived contribution of guns to crime. Although neither group strongly equated guns symbolically with power or control, the U.S. women were more likely to perceive guns as expressions of freedom or independence, and the U.K. women were more likely to view guns as expressions of danger and violence”




This is what cultural maxism is bringing to US right now.  Be aware!





I once said: “If my child is being hit by a Chinese driver, I’ll start a fight with the whole China”.


You can’t ask a person facing an emotional meltdown to think rationally. Nor you can allow a person to vote laws only based on emotions.



“Rational thinking refers to logical or reasoning being involved in the thought process. It refers to providing reasons or rational behind thoughts or ideas. It adds an element of calculation and planning to a steam of thoughts rather than basing them on emotion or personal opinion. It is a kind of objective process of thinking and an analytic approach to any problem. Rational thinking is based on reasons or facts and is hence much more calculating and realistic. All people are capable of thinking rationally, but people will tend to cloud this ability because of emotions or prejudices. “


This is what we need from our Governments.  This is why they are elected.



Using a gun to protect your family


Yeah but why?  You can use a knife or a baseball bat.


My scenario:


I’m alone with my kids at home.  At night, I hear someone breaking a window… coming inside.  I have 3 children sleeping in 3 different rooms.  I could hide myself in a closet to call 911 but what if?  What if they enter my children bedrooms and kill them.


Situation one: A knife


I take my sharp knife and I walk toward the stairs.  I can hear someone in the kitchen.  I have no idea what the person is coming for.  Do I know the person?  Why would someone come into my house at night for anything else than bad intentions. I wait…  I wish he’ll leave.  Oh! He has a gun. I see he has a gun.  What should I do?  If I walk toward him to attack, he might shoot. I don’t think I am strong enough to run, stab him before he shoots.. I’m screwed.


Situation two:  A gun


I take my shot guns and I walk toward the stairs.  I can hear someone in the kitchen.  I have no idea what the person is coming for.  Do I know the person?  Why would someone come into my house at night for anything else than bad intentions. I wait…  I wish he’ll leave.  Oh! He has a gun. I see he has a gun.  What should I do?  I scream “drop your gun”, he doesn’t move. I shoot.  I saved my family.




Arguing with idiots (yes, these are real comments):


“Well, what if the guy had no intentions to kill you”


Do I care?  In my kitchen in the middle of the night, and you think he was about to bake me cookies?


If you break the law by entering my house, you don’t deserve to live.



“Well, sometimes, just talk to the person might help”


While I was giving an interview for a radio show, the host said:” well if you have a gun, you might decide to shoot too soon rather than maybe talk to the person”


Arguing with idiots just doesn’t only happen in my kitchen in the middle of the night.


Yeah, good idea:


” That’s a big gun you have there, would you care for some tea”..

“I bet your parents didn’t raise you well, do you want to talk about it”


But YOU, reader, you get this right?






“Well, I don’t know where you live but I feel pretty safe where I live and I don’t feel like I need to protect myself”


Answer this: why do we take insurance?


Do I really think I’ll die within the next 20 years.. hmmm no… but maybe!  This is why I have a life insurance!


Do I think I’ll crash my car.. hmm no.. well maybe!  So this is why I have car insurance.


Do I think I’ll use a gun in my life…  hmmmm no,  well maybe!


(Rational thinking isn’t that bad after all)


If you don’t feel you need life insurance.. don’t pay for one.. You decide!

Same applies for guns, if you are too scared to own one, don’t do it.



(oh no! here they come again…)


“Well, insurance doesn’t kill people!”



Ok close your eyes…

Don’t be scared… close your eyes…

I WON’T shoot you so please… CLOSE YOUR EYES.




Once upon a time, after a deadly earthquake in California, a lady found a magic wand buried under a collapsed building. 


Under the magic wand you could read “press the button and vanish all firearms from this planet”. (what?, it’s only a story…)


Of course the lady thought she would bring peace on earth by pressing the button so she did and suddenly all guns disappeared. 


It was a feeling of joy for many human beings.  Except for some, with bad intentions. 


An underground network appeared, “have you heard of laser guns? I think they make them in South Africa, it’s a secret weapon.”


The first organized crime association the Black Roosters was the first to own them.  They were robbing banks, killing their enemies.  The US government already knew about laser guns.  They decided to arm their agents to fight these dangerous people. 


However, more and more organizations were getting these weapons.  Many people died.  Joseph Moore got his son killed in the street.  He was so angry, he decided to fight too.  He started his own “organization” made of well-intentioned people.  With the help of a friend (and a lot of dollars), he also got several laser guns.


Years later, 45% of US household own a laser gun for self-defense.  Some argue they should regulate them… 


A little girl walking in the grass found a magic wand.  Under the magic wand you could read “press the button and vanish all laser guns from this planet”….




This remind me of something..  The war on drugs.

The most deadly and dangerous street drugs you can find are not regulated.  They can be made out of legal ingredients purchased at the closest pharmacy.



What a shame…


As long as drug addict exist, I want to be able to defend myself

As long as mental diseases exist, I want to be able to defend myself



Individual defense rights allow a nation to grow because it inspires freedom and independence.  As “collective” as we want to be, never lose the idea that in a “collection” each piece has its own uniqueness.



La différence entre les gauchistes et les droitistes: la notion de bonheur

Les gauchistes croient que la notion de bonheur repose dans la possession
Les droitistes croient que la notion de bonheur repose dans la quête de la récompense
Ex: Les gauchistes croient que si l’état fait un chèque de 500$ à toutes les familles, celles-ci seront plus heureuses.
Les droitistes croient que si ces familles gagnent ce 500$ elles mêmes, elle seront plus fières donc plus heureuses.
Nous, en tant qu’êtres humains, avons besoin de ce processus de quête de la récompense.  L’équilibre mentale ne peut pas exister dans la possession gratuite.  Même principe chez les animaux, regardez les zoos, le plus bel exemple.
Par contre, cette quête de la récompense n’est pas toujours reliée au travail.  Nous avons été témoin d’un exemple avec les étudiants.  En sortant dans les rues, ils avaient un objectif, un “rêve”.  La quête de la récompense est naturelle chez l’être humain mais nous devons valoriser le travail et non pas la “plaignardise” ( je n’ai pas trouvé de mot assez fort alors, voilà un nouveau mot!).
Le travail a une connotation péjorative de nos jours.  Voici les synonymes du mot “travail”:
Casse-tête? Corvée? Devoir?…  Non!  Le travail c’est la vie, c’est la réussite, c’est notre seule contribution sociale….non pas en payant des taxes mais en offrant nos habiletés!  Personnellement, j’arrêterai de travailler le jour de mon décès …  Il est grand temps de valoriser le travail…tiens, nous pourrions renommer “travail” par un mot de cette liste de synonymes: Mission!

Libertarianism for dummies…

Libertarians are egocentric
Of course not.  We believe that if we take care of the people we truly love, we wouldn’t need state intervention.   That’s why we seem so focused on our family.  True libertarians would not leave  their parents or disabled children in the hand of the state.  It’s a duty to take care of our fragile relatives.  Most humans are charitable by nature.  However, we’ve been raised thinking “the state will take care of it”.
Libertarianism is an utopia
It’s the basis of a society, the heart of human nature.  If we can populate a new planet.. We would start as libertarians.  Because survival is the main incentive, progress evolves faster.  It’s an easy system that anyone can understand and apply.  You are free as long as you do not harm or “unfreed” someone else.  In a libertarian world, charity is praised and encouraged.  Teaching others “how” is usually preferred to “money giving”.
What about the poor and disabled
We believe a “poor” is as poor as he wants to be.  We all know extraordinary stories of successful disabled.  Individuals with impairment usually develop skills that even “normal” people don’t have.
Wealth doesn’t mean happiness.  There are many reasons why people choose to live frugally such as to take care of their family ( while living on only one salary) or because they save for traveling the world.
We recognize that unfortunate families may need help and we believe in charity.
Let’s take an example:  A single mom with 2 children living with a $20 000 income.  in a socialist country, she would receive help from the government and wouldn’t pay any taxes but she would still be poor and would find it difficult to get out of that situation.
In our world, she has less chance of ending up in that situation and more resources to get out of there
1- Entrepreneurship would be taught and encouraged
2- More “jobs” would be created
3- The Family Help would be more developed and praised
4- Free market would keep the cost of living affordable
5- Charity organizations would flourish
What about  corruption?
Non-libertarians think that if we could stop corruption from happening at the government level, money would be better spent thus, social programs would therefore stay under a reasonable cost.
The truth is more complicated than that.
1) We call corruption the fact that a government would choose a company over another based on friendship.
2) We call corruption the fact that a government member would receive “personal” money in exchange of a contract with the government.
3) We call corruption the fact that a government would vote laws to help private companies
Can we stop it from happening?  Yes, by giving them less power.
Every time the government intervenes with a law, it interferes with free market and screw everything up.  In general, regulations stop the natural flow of free market by not allowing competition: true competition.
Only competition can safeguard free markets
Corruption and power are best friends… however, it won’t affect you if you keep them weak.
Is libertarian means no state?
No, this is called anarchy!
We need some laws to live in a society.
Liberty is the right to live your life in the way you choose, as long as you do not initiate force upon any other individual.
Libertarians understand that applying these changes would take time and wouldn’t be over night.  As a rule of thumb, state will be needed when competition can’t be..  such as:
1) Road ( as competition would be impossible)
2) Defense
3) Penal Code
Why  socialism can’t work?
A simple answer would be: because we are humans!
Pro-socialism like to give the team example: “Society is like a team, we need to work together”.  This is true if everyone has the same goal.  In a soccer team, players have the same goal.  They act toward that same goal.  In a society, there is no ultimate goal.
If I ask 100 persons to write a page on ” What would be the perfect life for you”.  You will end up with 100 different opinions.  Some people want children.  Some not.  Some want to save for the future, some want to live now and do not care about later.  The state shouldn’t decide if YOUR vision of the perfect life is right or wrong…
What would you say to someone with no health insurance coming to you driving his new car in a $400 suit.  I don’t wish to have to make an analysis of people lives, how they spend their money and if their priorities are legitimate… We are responsible for our own actions.
Socialism is an addiction.  They get you with free stuff, then they make you pay… then they give less …but they have you forever.

The process of adopting a new idea!

1) you have this opinion and you didn’t really think about it.  Your parents taught  you this or you believe everyone thinks the same way

2) your first contact with the opposition: you don’t understand how people can think like that.  You believe they are wrong/crazy
3) you get in contact with the opposition but from a trusted source: a very good friend, a specialist you trust etc..
4) you experience for yourself what the opposition think …you are left to believe it could be true
5) You search and study about it.  You ask questions
6) you secretly adopt this new way in your life
7) You let the outside world know about your new way of thinking
8) you become an advocate 🙂

Ma vision Du Quebec

J’ai passé les deux dernières semaines en visite dans la belle province.

Pour vous, j’ai passé pas mal de temps à analyser la situation du Québec.  Voici mes conclusions:
1- Les québécois sont attachés à l’état
À jaser un peu, on s’aperçoit que les québécois tiennent à leurs acquis sans pour autant vouloir en payer le coût.  Ceux qui ne veulent pas rentrer dans le moule devront partir du Québec s’ils veulent avancer.
2- Les coûts sont extravagants
Conclusion pour nous:  nous n’avons pas les moyens d’habiter ici..
Nous avons fait une petite analyse.  Si nous avons chacun le même type d’emploi au même salaire, une maison avec la même valeur ( pas équivalente) et un train de vie normal, notre pouvoir d’achat serait coupé en 3.
Tout ce qui est obligatoire ( permis de conduire, plaques d’immatriculation, nourriture, l’essence) est beaucoup plus cher : exemple:
Permis de conduire : 4.50 par année au Texas
Immatriculation: 70 au Texas
Nourriture environ 30% de plus cher. Le prix des vins, de la bière, du lait et du pain est au moins 60% plus cher.
Essence: 3.30 le gallon (0.83 le litre)
Les assurances santé ( incluant les soins des yeux, des dents, des  médicaments et autres soins tels que le chiro, le psy etc..)  varient beaucoup d’une personne à l’autre mais pour une bonne assurance, les gens payent en moyenne 1500$ par année par personne pour une assurance privée.
Notre assurance nous coute 6000$ ( pour une famille de 5) par année mais elle couvre tous tous tous les soins de santé au privé et de plus, je n’ai pas à me prendre d’assurance voyage car elle me couvre partout dans le monde.  De plus, l’assurance Desjardins que nous avions au Québec refusait de payer pour ma fille handicapée.  Nous n’avons jamais eu de problème au Texas  et ce même si sa condition est connue.
Nous payerions environ 42% d’impôt versus 10% au Texas.
Notre maison de type cottage 4 chambres, 3 salles de bain, garage double nous couterait 4X le prix.  Une maison de ce type en banlieue de Houston, dans un superbe quartier, coute 150 000.  Ici, en banlieue de Montréal, elle couterait 600 000.  De plus, nous avons une hypothèque à taux fixe sur 30 ans…Donc, nous n’aurons jamais de surprise quoi qu’il arrive.  Nous avons refinancé deux fois à la baisse en 9 ans.  Nos intérêts sur cet hypothèque sont déductibles d’impôt.
Il y a tout de même des trucs moins cher ici.
Reliant Texas: 8.8 kw ( moyenne)
Hydro Quebec  6.00 kw ( moyenne)
Assurance voiture
Couterait environ 50$ de moins par mois au Québec.
Garderie :
Difficile à calculer.  Au Québec, si tu as une place, le coût est de 7$ pour tous les enfants.  Au Texas, le coût varie avec l’âge et le type de garderie.
Les coûts pour un enfant de 2 ans varient entre 15$ et 35$ par jour et est déductible d’impôt.
À 15$, les heures d’accessibilité sont restreintes mais peuvent convenir à plusieurs familles. Contrairement au CPE du Québec, les garderies du Texas ne sont pas toutes standards et le programme peut différer.  Nous avons des garderies d’apprentissage de langues, d’art, musique etc… Les méthodes d’apprentissage sont également variées ( Montessori etc..)
3- L’accessibilité est nulle
Le choix d’une garderie peut être nul. Les gens en général sont sur plusieurs listes d’attente pour prendre le premier qui appelle.  J’ai jasé avec plusieurs personnes qui n’aimaient pas la garderie mais qui n’avaient pas le choix.  D’autres plus chanceux sont très satisfaits de l’endroit!  Ceux qui n’ont pas de place en CPE subventionnés paient en moyenne 25$ par enfant ( déductible d’impôt).  Les coûts sont standards.
Plusieurs personnes n’ont pas de médecin de famille.  Lorsque tu déménages d’une ville à l’autre, il est très difficile d’en trouver un.  des gens attendent jusqu’à 4 mois pour un rendez-vous.  Pour les conditions plus urgentes mais qui ne peuvent pas attendre 4 mois, l’attente est d’une moyenne de  17 heures.
L’attente dans les hôpitaux privé de Houston est nulle.  Pour un rendez-vous avec le médecin, en général un rendez-vous le lendemain ou surlendemain serait la norme.  Pour les hôpitaux publics ( ceux qui n’ont pas d’assurance), l’attente à l’urgence ce pour une condition non urgente est d’une moyenne de 2-3 heures.
À comparer les gens sans assurances privées au Québec et au Texas, l’accessibilité pour les soins gratuits est meilleure au Texas.
En ce qui me concerne, les services disponibles pour les enfants handicapés sont de loin meilleurs au Texas ( services gratuits).
Au Québec, l’attente après le diagnostique est d’environ un an.  L’enfant reçoit en moyenne 14 heures par semaine de soins standards suggérés par le gouvernement.…
Au Texas, l’approche est individuelle et personnalisée pour chaque enfant.  Plusieurs méthodes sont utilisées et les résultats sont analysés.  Dès l’âge de 3 ans, les enfants autistes peuvent fréquenter une école dites “normal” mais dans un programme spécial ou le ratio est de 3 enfants pour une enseignante spécialisée.  Ma fille reçoit à l’école des services d’ergothérapie, d’orthophonie, d’éducation physique spécialisée, spécialiste du comportement, thérapie musicale etc (comme ma fille est aussi déficiente visuelle, elle rencontre 2 fois par semaine une enseignante spécialisée en déficience visuelle).  Chaque enfant  a un programme unique.  Tous ses services sont gratuits.
On pourrait également parler des CHSLD …tout semble ne pas fonctionner adéquatement…
4- L’abus du système est monnaie courante
Ce qui m’a marqué le plus c’est le désir de vouloir trouver des failles dans le système pour en profiter.  J’ai passé 9 ans au Texas…jasé avec plusieurs personnes et je n’ai jamais vu ça.
Abuser du système semble normal voire même recommandé.  Si tu veux ta part, tu n’as pas le choix.  Au Texas, abuser du système n’est pas bien de toute façon, pourquoi abuser du système?… pourquoi je voudrais sauver de l’impôt quand j’en paye seulement 10%?.
Des discussions de tour de table à ce propos, j’en ai eu plusieurs durant mon séjour.  Le système est fait pour être abusé et les gens en profitent.  Peut-on les blâmer? Non, je ferais possiblement la même chose.
5- Le Québec est très agréable à visiter en touriste
J’ai eu énormément de plaisir à me promener dans le vieux Québec.  Les touristes anglophones semblaient fascinés par la beauté de la ville ( avec raison).  Les   petits plaisirs culinaires et les produits de la région sont des atouts pour la belle province.  J’ai beaucoup plus de satisfaction à visiter le Québec qu’à l’habiter.  Je lui trouve un petit cachet inégalé dont j’étais incapable de voir en l’habitant.

Capitaliste dans la salle?

Est-ce que je suis née capitaliste?  Absolument pas:)  dans les 20 dernières années, ma vison plutôt irréaliste et l’ assomption d’un monde meilleur s’est peaufinée voire dévelopée pour ainsi faire face  à un grand dilemme:  entretenir des rêves utopiques ou adopter une attitude pragmatique envers un système peut-être lacunaire.

En d’autre mots: Est-ce que je dois me battre pour tenter de faire respecter un système dit noble ou me contenter de m’adapter à un système plus simple, moins noble mais efficace.
En d’autres mots: Est-ce que je dois m’attarder à trainer le boulet d’une société sans ambition ou pousser MES propres ambitions vers MA réussite