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Libertarianism for dummies…

Libertarians are egocentric
Of course not.  We believe that if we take care of the people we truly love, we wouldn’t need state intervention.   That’s why we seem so focused on our family.  True libertarians would not leave  their parents or disabled children in the hand of the state.  It’s a duty to take care of our fragile relatives.  Most humans are charitable by nature.  However, we’ve been raised thinking “the state will take care of it”.
Libertarianism is an utopia
It’s the basis of a society, the heart of human nature.  If we can populate a new planet.. We would start as libertarians.  Because survival is the main incentive, progress evolves faster.  It’s an easy system that anyone can understand and apply.  You are free as long as you do not harm or “unfreed” someone else.  In a libertarian world, charity is praised and encouraged.  Teaching others “how” is usually preferred to “money giving”.
What about the poor and disabled
We believe a “poor” is as poor as he wants to be.  We all know extraordinary stories of successful disabled.  Individuals with impairment usually develop skills that even “normal” people don’t have.
Wealth doesn’t mean happiness.  There are many reasons why people choose to live frugally such as to take care of their family ( while living on only one salary) or because they save for traveling the world.
We recognize that unfortunate families may need help and we believe in charity.
Let’s take an example:  A single mom with 2 children living with a $20 000 income.  in a socialist country, she would receive help from the government and wouldn’t pay any taxes but she would still be poor and would find it difficult to get out of that situation.
In our world, she has less chance of ending up in that situation and more resources to get out of there
1- Entrepreneurship would be taught and encouraged
2- More “jobs” would be created
3- The Family Help would be more developed and praised
4- Free market would keep the cost of living affordable
5- Charity organizations would flourish
What about  corruption?
Non-libertarians think that if we could stop corruption from happening at the government level, money would be better spent thus, social programs would therefore stay under a reasonable cost.
The truth is more complicated than that.
1) We call corruption the fact that a government would choose a company over another based on friendship.
2) We call corruption the fact that a government member would receive “personal” money in exchange of a contract with the government.
3) We call corruption the fact that a government would vote laws to help private companies
Can we stop it from happening?  Yes, by giving them less power.
Every time the government intervenes with a law, it interferes with free market and screw everything up.  In general, regulations stop the natural flow of free market by not allowing competition: true competition.
Only competition can safeguard free markets
Corruption and power are best friends… however, it won’t affect you if you keep them weak.
Is libertarian means no state?
No, this is called anarchy!
We need some laws to live in a society.
Liberty is the right to live your life in the way you choose, as long as you do not initiate force upon any other individual.
Libertarians understand that applying these changes would take time and wouldn’t be over night.  As a rule of thumb, state will be needed when competition can’t be..  such as:
1) Road ( as competition would be impossible)
2) Defense
3) Penal Code
Why  socialism can’t work?
A simple answer would be: because we are humans!
Pro-socialism like to give the team example: “Society is like a team, we need to work together”.  This is true if everyone has the same goal.  In a soccer team, players have the same goal.  They act toward that same goal.  In a society, there is no ultimate goal.
If I ask 100 persons to write a page on ” What would be the perfect life for you”.  You will end up with 100 different opinions.  Some people want children.  Some not.  Some want to save for the future, some want to live now and do not care about later.  The state shouldn’t decide if YOUR vision of the perfect life is right or wrong…
What would you say to someone with no health insurance coming to you driving his new car in a $400 suit.  I don’t wish to have to make an analysis of people lives, how they spend their money and if their priorities are legitimate… We are responsible for our own actions.
Socialism is an addiction.  They get you with free stuff, then they make you pay… then they give less …but they have you forever.

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